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La Martina was born in 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since its foundation its creations have been inspired by the game of Polo.

And it is precisely the Polo the main object, the logo in fact depicts two players challenging each other. The solid tradition and the inimitable line of the brand merge with hi-tech technologies and avant-garde look, creating unmistakable and unique garments.

Skilled masters and professionals in the production of polo shirts, shirts and total looks, the Maison boasts of great collaborations, such as GUARDS POLO CLUB, Maserati, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. These collaborations have made the brand one of the most wanted internationally, increasingly expanding its market and its production.

The Man and Woman collections have a cosmopolitan and modern taste that looks at its roots and love for the game of Polo, of which La Martina lives and breathes.

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