The success of tailoring sets the stage for the birth of fashion stores: the name Calabrò, already synonymous with high-quality tailoring, becomes a brand linked to Italian high fashion thanks to the careful selection of the best designers in circulation. Today, more than 40 years after the birth of the Men's Shop, the Calabrò group has 6 points of sale, five in Canicattì and one in Agrigento. Among tradition, innovation and refinement, the Calabrò brothers have become interpreters of Italian dress, selecting from a range of fashion brands and garments that contribute to a unique and easily recognizable style.

The online store was founded in 2011, and today puts the experience and the taste of the Calabrò brand at the service of its national and international clientele. "

On we tried to create the perfect mix between the spirit of the boutique and the immediacy of ecommerce, making an impeccable shopping experience.

We have made customer attention one of our pillars. Thanks to our customer care service, we continue to follow the order of steps, from the time of sale until the arrival of the garments.