The Calabrò Man ceremony is proposed in a splendid space dedicated exclusively to garments, accessories and footwear. F.lli Calabrò , who has been handed down since 1944, you have been advised by the expert guidance staff . Completely refined and refined, quality garments made from the most precious and fashionable fabrics. The clothes of Carlo Pignatelli, Giorgio Armani, Cleofe Finati, Canali and Pal Zileri,They represent the interpretation, the reinterpretation and the personalization of the timeless garments of the wardrobe, perfect for the ceremony and the important occasions, which require an impeccable and classy look.

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A historical brand created in 50 years of work, research and constant growth. We owe to Carlo Pignatelli if today man, for his important occasions, dresses in an elegant and recognizable way. Since the 80s the designer has dictated the fashion trend for men and women, and has been a precursor of time and fashions. He dared to propose bright colors , daring combinations, damask and flowered vests , awakening the evil vanity. All the clothes are always coordinated with accessories designed for the perfect and harmonious look

The Carlo Pignatelli ceremony is a hymn to beauty and to the authentic concept of elegance.

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From the selection of over 200 fabrics that characterize the production and finishing of every single detail, Cloefe Finati, a Made in Italy brand, is the result of a meticulous and careful handcrafting process that was born in this company, a guarantee of belonging and quality.

The essentiality of the lines, combined with the refinement of fabrics and accessories, has allowed us to create a young, winning style in the Cleofe Finati collections, able to satisfy the specific needs of each market. Thanks to this philosophy, Archetipo has become over the years a point of reference for the most exclusive boutiques of the main international markets.

Cleofe Finati garments (jacket, pants, shirts, waistcoat, clutch bag, plastron or tie) guarantees a perfect integration of the outerwear with the accessories, and facilitates the choice as the whole outfit is delivered on a single hanger .