Woman ceremony

Honoré de Balzac used to say: “elegance is the science of doing nothing like the others, seeming that everything is done as others do”.

Coco Chanel suggested: “Before you live the house, look at the mirror and remove one accessory”. Those two principles always aimed Calabrò’s ceremony choices for those women who want to get the perfect style and be distinguished and refined in special moment: glamour and elegant collections that avoid the excesses: everything must be natural and easy, but nothing left to chance.

The Calabrò’sWoman Ceremony” brand is the result of years of experience and research gained by living the most important Fashion System’s places and catwalks, loving italian and International mode and relating with the most demanding and sophisticated clientele.

Lots of choices are in limited edition, giving the clients the opportunity to get an unique dress they can’t get elsewhere. Elegant short or long dresses with a unique, exlusive and refined style, made by exquisite fabrics, laces, emboideries and extreme love for details.


“Elegance, expertise, refinement and contemporaneità. These are the distinguished values of la maison Botondi Milano..” The fine and sartorial style by Botondi Milano seduced a bigger and more International clientele that loves and wants to get the values and the savoir faire of the Milanese stylish.


The love for the design, the value of the experiences, tha passion and the hard work are the ingredients for the perfect brand’s ceremony dresses.Their collections are the result of a continuous research in new technologies yet keeping some handmade steps, guaranteing a 100% italian product.


The beloved classic Paisley Maison’s design is a must of every outfit of the collection: combined with wallpaper-effect flowers, stripes and patchworks. The colors are chalky yet warm, green to brown, tobaco to mustard, yellow to navy. Romantic designs, soft dresses, snug bodices and ruffles that enhance the silhouette.


Donatella Versace is theart director of the most famous italian maison from the ‘80s and, in the 1998 she’s the pioneer of its simbolic style. She creates collections that are mixed together with Versace’s taste and captivating femininity, essential designs with Baroque details, plain colors with bold patterns, pop’s and history’s inspired decorations.


Forever unique is the women’s clothing brands for special events. Born to get every woman feel “beautiful and glowing, Forever Unique creates coloful, feminine and seductive ceremony dresses. From sheath to short dresses, from diva’s long dresses to elegant jumpuit for a chic touch; and still, jeweled-sandals to be worn with trousers or beautiful high heels for a big event.


Chic, glam and elegant style for a woman who loves to be dresses with charm and contemporaneity. The missioni s enhancing women’s femininity with a fashionable product, keeping the highest quality.


Romanticism and femininity and a continuous reserch of creativity and specific attention to details. The handcraftwork, the most refined and natural fabrics, the precious handmades and the innovative dyeing and printing techniques are the business card of the Twin Set’s collection, symbol of originality and of the highest quality, with timeless and evergreen elegance for a fashion enthusiast woman.

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