Since 1943

Calabrò group vaunts 73 years of experience in the apparel industry and a culture of "dressing well" carried forward from generation to generation as a family tradition. Calabrò name is strongly linked hand in glove to the town of Canicattì, trading landmark of the entire south-central Sicily. Here is born the first Calabrò dressmaking: what once was a small laboratory quickly turns into a boutique of tailored suits, which attracts the attention of the most elite Clientele.

The success of the dressmaking sets the stage for the creation of fashion stores: the Calabrò name, already synonymous with high quality tailoring, become a brand linked to the high Italian fashion thanks to the careful selection of the garments by the top designers of the moment. Today, more than forty years since the birth of Men's Shop, the Calabrò chain group has six retail stores, five in Canicattì and one in Agrigento. Combining tradition, innovation and refinement, the Calabrò brothers have expressed the Italian dressing, selecting in the panorama of fashion brands and clothes that contribute to define a unique and easily recognizable style. 
The online store was created in 2011, and today offers to his national and international Clients the experience and taste that have always distinguished the brand Calabrò.
On we tried to create the perfect blend of the spirit of the boutique and the immediacy of e-commerce, providing to our Customers a website that offers an impeccably shopping experience.

We made the attention to the Customer one of our cornerstones. Thanks to our Customer care service we follow every order step by step, from the sale until the arrival of the garments, and we try to constantly improve ourselves throughout continuous communication with the community of loyal Customers that was formed around the social channels and blogs.

"Calabrò": seventy years of fashion

  • The big adventure that gave birth to the Calabrò group started back in 1943; at first Calabrò brothers just appeared, but soon, with strongness and ability, they made their way in the landscape of the fashion and of the “dress well”.

    Calogero Calabro', in 1933 at his eighteen, leaves Sicily to follow his dream to become a different tailor, an outsider, not a simple one, bounded to the strict ideas of a provincial land. He wanted more. Only one city could give him the ability and the mastery that he needed, and Rome was the answer.

    After years of intense and wonderful experiences in “the City”, the war and the destiny decide for him, and send him back to his homeland and, despite the delicate historic moment, he decided to open a little tailoring laboratory named after him "Sartoria Calabrò". In few years with a lot of passion, and high skills Calabrò’s lab became a bigger and elitist shop, for clients from all the cities in the center of Sicily.

  • In 1968 the sons, moved from the same passion and the same love for fashion, decided to flank a little store to the lab, giving birth to the "Men's shop": this store was going to change the classic dress vision, and it became a benchmark for young men.

    Quality, competence and good taste will be the major pillars of the family and will inspire the opening of the shop that they will open in the following years.

  • In 1974, in the middle of that changing times in which jeans became the main character of casual wear, Canicattì saw the birth of "Pepito" (later Calabrò Jeanseria), a store that immediately breaks in the heart of people and still today survives, in the popular imagination, like a myth.

  • 1979 marks a turning point for the company: "Calabrò Uomo", the third shop, see the light, and inside it the most popular brands of the time, like Versace, Armani, Ferrè, Valentino and others.

    This store set himself between the most powerful in Sicily, by dressing a man always elegant, refined and demanding.

  • It’s 1982 when the group inaugurates "Calabrò Donna", the first shop entirely dedicated to women: beyond the windows, the most glamourous names of "pret-a porter", to give her a fair, and stylish, position in the new society.

  • We’re already in 1989 and with the opening of "Max Club", in the beautiful frame of an historical palace of ‘900, in the heart of the city, Calabrò family offers a new space with a different kind of fashion by proposing a casual-chic product for men and women that want to dress in an elegant and sober way...

  • But it’s not over and, new millennium new style, in 2003, it starts a big project that involves the opening of a mega store, the "Fashion Area", 2.400 mq of exhibition space in which converge "Calabrò Uomo", "Calabrò Donna" and "Calabrò Jeanseria", known today as "Calabrò Trend"

    The dream is now realized: from the small lab in 1943 to the mega store in 2003, sixty years of passion, sacrifice, enthusiasm and big accomplishments; as many that the store was also mentioned in a specialized magazine among the 100 most beautiful in Italy.

  • But we didn’t stop and in 2008 a new goal: after the renovation of a space of about 800 mq, in a small place in the middle of the historical via Atenea in Agrigento, Calabrò brothers decide to open a new store big, elegant, refined, sophisticated, on two levels, for men and women: so it borns “Calabrò Atenea”.

  • Today, in this globalized and modern era, we need to keep this up, so in 2011 we realized that was time to have something really new, so we created the website, simple and practical, with a big range of options in the shop on line, curiosities and details about every product, additional informations about our marketing campaigns, a fashion blog, and direct link to our socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+), to keep the client informed at any time.

    Our strength are based on our professionality, our trust, our commitment, that are the leitmotif of each Calabrò Fashion Store, and the same values are recreated in our website, because these are our added values.