Man Ceremony

The Calabrò Man ceremony is proposed in a splendid space dedicated exclusively to garments, accessories and footwear to wear for the most special occasions. Followed and advised by the most expert and competent staff and with the careful guidance of F.lli Calabrò, heirs of a sartorial tradition that has been preserved since 1944, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the best solutions for every respectable appointment. The most refined and sophisticated suits, the hightest quality garments made from the most precious and fashionable fabrics. The clothes of Carlo Pignatelli, Giorgio Armani, Cleofe Finati, Canali and Pal Zileri, represent the interpretation, the revisiting and the personalization of the timeless garments of the male wardrobe, perfect for the ceremony and any occasion which require an impeccable and classy look.


A historical brand created with 50 years of hard work, research and continuous growth. If men today dress in the most respectable and elegant way it’s because of Carlo Pignatelli. Since the 80s the designer has dictated the fashion ceremony men’s trend, and has been a precursor of time and fashions. When the man dressed in gray, black and blue, he dared to propose bright colors, daring combinations, damask and flowered vests, awakening male vanity. All his clothes are always well-coordinated with specific accessories designed for the perfect look.

The Carlo Pignatelli ceremony is a hymn to beauty and to the authentic concept of elegance.


From the selection of over 200 fabrics that characterize the production and finishing of every single detail, Cloefe Finati, a made in Italy brand, is the result of a meticulous and accurate handcrafting process that was born and keeps developing in this company, a guarantee of quality.

The essentiality of the lines, combined with the refinement of fabrics and accessories, has allowed us to create a young, victorious style, able to satisfy the specific needs of each marketplace. Thanks to this philosophy, Archetipo has become over the years a point of reference for the most exclusive boutiques of the main international markets. The availability of the Cleofe Finati total look garments (jacket, pants, shirt, waistcoat, clutch bag, plastron or tie) guarantees a perfect mix between the outerwear and the accessories, and eases the choice, as the entire outfit is delivered on a single hanger.


When quintessence of beauty is created by minimal rigor and sinuous shapes, through colors, fabrics and proportion: this is Giorgio Armani, stylist and entrepreneur, born in Piacenza on 11 July 1934, known for more than 40 years in the most important catwalks of the fashion world , he’s a mark of elegance and sobriety for both men and women.

According to Armani, the garment that best reflects the new philosophy of elegance is undoubtedly the jacket: freeing it from the upholstery and from the internal structure, Armani gives the jacket a more relaxed connotation, but no less elegant, able to enhance the male physicality, but also able to seduce the female audience. The global fame comes in 1980, when in a famous scene of the "American Gigolo" movie, a very young Richard Gere wears a series of flawless outfits on his bed, combining clothes, shirts and ties designed by Giorgio Armani. Among Giorgio Armani's groomed dresses, tuxedos are the substantial part of his collection, a true classic for the wedding day. The dry fit is characterized by single-breasted jacket with two buttons, shawl lapels, straight shoulder, pockets and small breast-pocket, perfect to be elegant and sober at the same time on the fateful “YES” day!


Since 1934, Canali is synonymous with quality and excellence in the production of clothes that blend together high tailoring and Made in Italy elegance. Made in Italy are the best fabrics and materials that make up the interiors, linings and buttons. Italian as well  is the one who designs clothes, cuts them and sews them.  A craftsmanship that combines the most advanced technology with the sophisticated manual skills, the result of tailoring experience and long and constant training courses carried out within the company. For this reason, for more than 80 years Canali has been a spokesman of the Made in Italy world and makes of the Italianness the essential element f its values, in which tradition and experimentation, inovation and experience come together  creating the highest quality collection with a timeless style and an exquisit italian taste.

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